How To Make A Brick Barbecue

How to Make a Brick Barbecue

Many families enjoy the luxury of a brick barbecue in their backyard. Brick barbecues are attractive and functional. And they're something that many handy homeowners can construct on their own in a matter of hours. Don't know how to make a brick barbecue? Keep reading – we'll tell you how!

It's important to first figure out where in your yard you want the brick barbecue to be. You don't want to build it too far from your home, because you will be eventually making trips from your kitchen area to your brick barbecue. Make sure there aren't any hanging branches or fire hazards anywhere near the area where you are building. After you've determined where your brick barbecue is going to go, it's time to start digging the foundation.

You'll need to dig footings first. Then, make the forms for the base of the barbecue. Holes should be as close to 24 inches deep as possible. Ready to mix concrete can be used, simply mix it with water in a wheelbarrow for easy transport and access and blend until smooth with a flat tool like a hoe.

The average brick barbecue is 13 rows in height. How many bricks you'll need will depend on how large you want your barbecue to be. You'll be putting down layers of bricks with an opening where the barbecue area will go. In addition to the bricks, you will need barbecue grates and ashtrays. It helps to head to the local library and find books that feature pictures of various brick barbecues. With a photo or drawing for reference, you can more easily decide the best way to construct your brick barbecue. Often, you can find free plans for these structures at the library as well.

There are two different ways to make a brick barbecue – with mortar, and without mortar. The type of construction you choose will depend on several factors, including your construction skill level, time frame, and budget. A mortarless brick barbecue may not be as permanent, but it is much simpler and can be created using a basket weave pattern of bricks.

Organization is key to building a great brick barbecue. Read up on the subject first and draw up your plans before starting any construction. Gather all tools and supplies ahead of time and recruit a helper or two. With a little planning and hard work, anyone can construct a great brick barbecue that they'll enjoy using on a regular basis!