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The Jim Early barbecue book ‘The Best Tar Heel Barbecue,' is to some people, the ultimate handbook when it comes to finding the best barbecue in North Carolina. Jim Early isn't just a barbecue enthusiast, however. He's also a lawyer and Superior Court mediator. Oh, and did we mention that he's an experienced hunting and fishing guide, a knowledgeable cooking teacher and a respected speaker on the subject of stress management? The man does it all – and he's a philanthropist. Jim donates a portion of the proceeds from his books to charities like Feed the Children and Special Olympics. Curious about the wisdom contained in Jim Early barbecue books? Read on!

The Best Tar Heel Barbecue Manteo to Murphy:

This book serves as a map that can help you find the very best barbecue in the state of North Carolina. You'll learn about North Carolina and the wonderful barbecue establishments found there from a man who's been to each and every one of them. This book takes you above and beyond – you feel like you're right there with Jim Early, exploring these restaurants, tasting this food and meeting these people. If you're a resident of North Carolina or you're going to visit there, you must have this book!

Reflections: The Memories and Recipes of a Southern Cook

In this volume, you'll find over 30 dips and spreads especially created by Jim Early for this book. As you read through the recipes, you'll feel like each one has been created with love especially for you. And it's true – the recipes in this book are the result of over 3,000 labor hours and $18,000 in ingredients and equipment. The dessert recipes in this book are a result of Jim's countless hours spent talking to Southern ladies of a certain age, who explained to him how their mothers and grandmothers prepared classic Southern desserts.

Secqola Seminars

You can also find Jim Early's motivational and inspirational seminars on CD and DVD. You can study ‘Ethics – More Than a Line in the Sand' and ‘Fourteen Steps to Balance.' These seminars bring Jim Early's 20 years of work in the mental health area to you.

Another option for experiencing the wisdom of Jim Early is to see him in person at one of his many lectures, seminars, classes and book signings. Whether you are looking for motivation, inspiration, or great barbecue, Jim Early can help you.