Tips on Buying a Charcoal Grill

Tips on Buying a Charcoal Grill

If you've decided to buy a new or used charcoal grill now is the time to consider which one or features are best for you. So, here are some things to consider before you start grilling on with a Charcoal Grill.

Charcoal Grill Parts

[ReviewAZON asin="B0009NU5Z8" display="inlinepost"]Charcoal grills are more about being simple. These grills have 3 main parts - grate for the food, charcoal grate for the coal and a lid for securing the cooking area so it is also ventilated and traps the heat. The most effective cooking grates are constructed of cast iron, stainless steel, or porcelain-coated aluminum.

Construction of the Grill

Be sure to consider how durable the grill is, you want one that is well built, if it doesn't feel secure when you jiggle it, then it probably is low priced for a reason. Check the floor model and make sure it is durable and put together well. If it isn't more than likely the boxed units are trustworthy either. Try to find a brand that only uses high quality U.S. metals as well as a baked-on, porcelain-enamel finish. The legs need to be stable, and the wheels should roll with ease.

Grill Maintenance

Find a grill manufacturer that offers a customer service line in case you need to call about service or a warranty. Having the proper paperwork will also help if you have to order grill parts.

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