Wood Fire Barbecue

The Benefits of Wood Fire Barbecue

Many barbecue enthusiasts swear that wood fire is the only way to cook food outdoors. While gas, propane and charcoal are commonly used heat sources for preparing food outside, wood fire provides the indirect heat that is needed to create what connoisseurs consider true barbecue.

One way to accomplish this is by purchasing a wood fire barbecue smoker. These pieces of equipment range in price from cheap to extravagant depending on manufacturer and size. Some people choose to make their own, using two fifty-five gallon drums and some additional accessories. This process is not as difficult as you might think, especially if you're able to locate a good set of plans.

If you want the taste of wood fire barbecue but all you have to work with is a charcoal or gas grill, you can still accomplish this using what is known as a smoke box. This box is ventilated and filled with soaked wood chips. Or, you can make a container for the wood chips using an aluminum foil packet with vent holes. Simply insert the smoke box or packet and close the hood. The smoke will bring a traditional barbecue flavor to your food, and different woods impart different flavors. Try hickory or mesquite wood chips for great results.

One traditional way to get real wood fire barbecue is by installing a barbecue pit in your backyard. When cooking food on one of these, you'll want to have plenty of time. To smoke ribs using in the wood fire barbecue method, you can expect the process to take six to eight hours. Definitely not something you want to do on a busy day, this technique is perfect for the weekend when you've got all day to hang out in the yard.

If you're new to the world of wood fire barbecue, you can start off with a miniature or small smoker. Or, try the smoke box method with your existing grill. This will introduce you to the taste of this type of food and give you a chance to decide if you want to invest further. If you have the space and budget, a real wood fire barbecue in your backyard is a definite asset!